At The Hunt Exchange, we believe in Hunters Helping Hunters and that by working together we can increase hunting opportunities and allow more hunters to pursue their passion.

The Hunt Exchange was created to allow the average hunter to chase their dreams by eliminating the need for high cost outfitters and middlemen. Guided hunts have gotten so crazy expensive that many hunters need to save for years, just to go on a single hunt.

Our membership area allows you to meet like minded people, make new friends and join them on hunting adventures around the globe. It opens a new world of hunting opportunities that were previously out of reach for many hunters.

The Hunt Exchange is the “GO-TO” place to trade hunting adventures and making new hunting buddies. It’s a paradigm shift in the way you think about hunting.

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Founder & CEO

John Wozniak

John has been pursuing his obsession with hunting since the age of 10 and has hunted many species across the US, Canada, Europe and Africa. He has also spent the past 20+ years working in corporate America  and observed that there was an opportunity to apply his business skills to the world of hunting. He took on the challenge of removing barriers for the average hunter to chase their dreams by creating The Hunt Exchange, an alternative to high cost outfitted hunts and middle men . A community where Hunters – Help – Hunters and a new world of hunting opportunities awaits.


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