Membership – How it all works

Live your dream and go on your next hunt without having to pay for high cost outfitters and make new friends along the way.

How can I do that?

  • Do you have access to hunt a local big game species, predators, small game, or waterfowl?
  • Are you able to organize  a hunt and take a  new friend along  hunting with you?
  • Maybe you just have a good piece of hunting property or accommodations that you would be willing to grant accesses to?
  • Would you be willing to trade a hunting experience with a fellow member, so that you could both fulfill your hunting dreams?

If you answered  yes to the questions above then your dream hunt may be closer than you think!
There are countless hunters around the world that have access to hunt their local species, but may only dream of having an opportunity to hunt the same animals you hunt all the time.  Some hunters may just want a change of pace, an  opportunity to hunt in a different location, or to try a different style of hunting. Other hunters are  just looking  to make new friendships with like minded people and share great hunting experiences together.

So how does it work?
Step 1: Create a profile and share who you are with other members. 
Step 2: Create a hunt that you would be willing to trade to other members.
Step 3: Search our database of available hunts and setup a trade.
Step 4: Have fun, go hunting and make new friends!
Step 5: Report back, share pictures and the details  of how your hunt went with fellow members of The Hunt Exchange.