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Exceptional hunting day we offer to our hunters.
We offer you the possibility to hunt Ibex in Beceite, Gredos, Valencia, Ronda.
We hunt from representative animals to big trophies.


I offer 4 days trophy Hunt of Ibex in Sierra Nevada-Spain. Lodge and meals included. The best season is November until mid desember when is the rut on the zone.
Big wild zone not fenced


This is a spot & stalk hunt after representative Beceite ibex in Spain, in a huge (50-55.000 hectares ) free range territory, outstanding scenery that personally manage. This is a fully guided hunt .

Black Bear
Brown Bear
Grizzly Bear

We offer the hunting of 1 representative ibex, 1 representative mouflon and 1 barbary sheep up to 60 cm. 6 days of hunt and 7 days accommodation.


Join us in a thrilling hunting experience in which we will stalk the most emblematic mountain animal in our beatiful Spanish mountain landscape, Sierra Nevada Spanish Ibex.

Moose- Alaska Yukon
Moose - Canada
Dall Sheep

Representative Spanish Ibex. Located in unfenced 20,000 hectares close to National Reserve. It's a medium high mountain stalking hunt. Lovely place.